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Articles in Category: Public Relations

Five things you should know before sending a press release to a journalist

on Monday, 04 May 2015. Posted in Public Relations

To be heard by editors, good press relations require a systematic approach. bloodsugarmagic gives some advice to create a solid base for a successful cooperation.

5TippsPR ENbloodsugarmagic, the specialist for strategic marketing, positioning and press relations in IT, provides advice on how press releases are successfully picked up by the IT press. Good press relations rely on the creation of a mutually fruitful relationship with editors and journalists of the IT press. The best way NOT to be heard is to somehow compose an e-mail-distribution list and happily spam the editorial offices with press releases.

Interview with David Meerman Scott on Trends in Newsjacking

on Tuesday, 26 August 2014. Posted in Trend Monitoring, Public Relations

At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in July, we once again had the chance to meet marketing expert David Meerman Scott, who also held several speeches at the conference. David is considered as being one of the "inventors" of the marketing trend ne

DavidMeermanScott BerndHoeck webbloodsugarmagic: David, you are one of the intellectual fathers of newsjacking and monitor the trend since years. What has changed over the last 1-2 years in using newsjacking?

David: What I’ve noticed recently is that almost everybody talking about newsjacking is doing so about events that you can predict the timing of. While I am encouraged by people newsjacking the World Cup and other events where we know the timing, I think the bigger opportunity is when something unexpected happens and you can jump in when nobody else is paying attention.

By the way, congratulations to Germany on the World Cup. I think Lufthansa did a great job newsjacking - this went out at the moment Germany clinched the title.

Nine Secrets for Dealing with Analysts

on Tuesday, 14 January 2014. Posted in Public Relations, Analyst Relations

Series with practical advice for dealing with analysts (Part 1)

9SecretsAnalystsAnalyst relations is an important instrument in the marketing and positioning of IT-companies. The relatively small group of analysts is an important factor in the IT industry. It is therefore important to take into account the specific characteristics of this target group. This series of blog posts will give you nine advices for dealing with analysts.

In most IT companies analyst relations belongs to the area of responsibility often associated with marketing and communication. The subject is well placed there. However, it is important that the fundamental differences between analyst relations and other marketing tasks are recognized.


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