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bloodsugarmagic joins the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

on Friday, 17 October 2014. Posted in News

The high demand of skilled IT personnel and the booming software market in Germany create great opportunities for Indian IT companies to enter the German market.

India Germanybloodsugarmagic is now a member of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. With this step the international experts of go-to-market strategies for IT companies acknowledge the growing importance of the Indian IT industry und want to support Indian IT companies in entering the German market.

According to BITKOM, the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications, and New Media, there still is a high demand for IT professionals in Germany. At the moment about 39.000 IT specialists are needed, especially in the field of software development. Every second IT company declares that the lack of appropriate personnel is hindering the development of their business.

Therefore it is more and more important to look for qualified staff and resourcing partners abroad. German IT companies are looking to establish partnerships and joint ventures with foreign IT companies. India has a high number of extremely well skilled IT staff and therefore is perfect for cooperation. A lot of German companies already use offshoring concepts in India for their software development.

In addition, Germany is the biggest and most important IT market in Europe. Thus Indian hardware vendors and ISVs can expect strong potential sales in Germany. The German software market is expected to grow by 5.3 % and the IT services market by 3.2% this year to more than 55.6 billion Euro. German IT buyers are used to buy foreign IT products and service. Plus, a market position in Germany not only opens additional markets in Switzerland and Austria, but can also serve as a useful springboard to the fast growing IT markets in Eastern Europe.

"We see a high potential for Indian IT companies to enter the German market now", says Bernd Hoeck, go-to-market expert and founder of bloodsugarmagic. "Due to the shortage of skilled personnel in Germany the IT industry here is looking for partners abroad.  With our knowledge and experience we can help Indian companies to get a foot in the door in Germany."

"We highly appreciate the support that local experts like bloodsugarmagic can give Indian companies that are interested in entering the German IT market", says Dirk Matter director of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Germany. "It is crucial to have a deep understanding about the market you are about to enter to be successful. We recommend our Indian members to look for a local expert first before taking the big step."

The membership in the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce is the first important action for bloodsugarmagic to start working with Indian companies. "We are happy about the great support we received from the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce so far and are looking forward to further cooperation and exciting tasks to come", says Hoeck. “We have won some first Indian IT companies as customers already and are looking forward to expand these relationships.”


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