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The Name

Blood, sugar, and magic are the critical and necessary ingredients for good stories - and marketing approaches.

Despite all feature lists most decisions in the IT industry are based on trust and believe. Therefore, it is important that the way a product or service is positioned is not superficial, but authentic and deep. It almost goes into the blood.

Each product or service has to meet the taste of the customer. So, sugar is not a bad idea.

Ultimately, much of what is sold in IT is an illusion in a positive sense. It is supported by the confidence that the product or service will meet the often unclear expectations of the customer. If your story conveys a touch of magic, something special, in how it solves customer business challenges, that helps immensely.

Interestingly, this triad is also reflected in the major talent of a good seller: passion, customer focus and enthusiasm.

In addition, we use the name to illustrate how story building works. No matter how much you have read today on this website, we are pretty sure that you will have forgotten most of it if we were to meet in five years. But you will never forget this crazy company name and its origin. That's how story building works. We create stories about you, your ideas and your products that customers won't forget.


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