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Go-to-Market in the United States

LandingUSAWe are fully specialized in go-to-market strategies and services in the United States and can offer you easy and effective entry into the US market. This applies to software/hardware vendors as well as to service providers.

Whether you want to tackle the market with channel partners, go direct with your own sales force or look for OEM partners, we support you with our network and our experience.

Based on our influencer model we can explain the mechanics of the US market, identify the key players and opponents and effectively bring you into play. With our Bento-Box Approach, you select those components that are relevant to your market entry.

Our English- and German-speaking teams will support you with offices in the United States and Germany. Our team consists of IT marketing and positioning specialists with a extensive experience in transatlantic cooperation.

Seize the opportunity, and give us a call.


Stand out from the me-too-crowd More

Trend Monitoring

Identify trends ahead of the competition More

Analyst Relations

Get traction with Gartner, Forrester and the like  More

Story Creation

Put your story in words and pictures More

Press Relations

More visibility through innovative PR More

Sales Training

Get your team trained More

Lead Generation

Create highly qualified leads  More