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Go-to-Market in a Box

The bloodsugarmagic Bento Box Approach

On entering a new market you don't want to waste time, but you don't want to compromise on quality either. Therefore we can offer you our proven set of ready-to-use services. These services are integrated but can be easily adapted to your individual needs.

Just think of a lunch menu and you get the idea. Similar to a lunch menu you can pick those services that suit your specific needs most. Like a good waiter we will recommend best picks and combos. It is as easy as this. No difficult service definitions, no tiring planning discussions, no cumbersome cost estimates. We recommend, you choose. Fixed price - fixed service - fixed success. Simply relax, lean back, and let us seed your new market for you.

We will however certainly need something from you: Commitment. When we open our networks, channels and routes to market for you, we need you to support us with your visionary thoughts, strong messages, specific expertise on your products and services, and finally fast decision making.


We provide these services in a ready-to-use mode. Everything from the campaign plan and blueprints to the required execution partners is laid out for you. We just need to upload the campaigns and services with your individual messages. Thus we can guarantee fast results. We can also provide access to partners for additional services such as administration, head hunting and human resources or finance.



Enter new markets  More


Stand out from the me-too-crowd More

Trend Monitoring

Identify trends ahead of the competition More

Analyst Relations

Get traction with Gartner, Forrester and the like  More

Story Creation

Put your story in words and pictures More

Press Relations

More visibility through innovative PR More

Sales Training

Get your team trained More

Lead Generation

Create highly qualified leads  More