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Stories sell - not products or services. 

LeistungsFlowerKurzLike hardly in any other industry, in IT new technologies and trends appear rapidly in the market. At the same time products and services rapidly become commodities that are subject to increasing price and margin erosion. Companies that fail to differentiate their products and services with an excellent story in the market, cannot gain the revenues and margins required to be successful in the long run. If you get stuck in the me-too-trap it is very hard to be successful. Mind the gap !

Many software and IT service companies provide excellent products or provide exceptionally good services. Unfortunately, some of them remain widely unknown, since they do not manage to create a good positioning and story that reaches their customers. In IT business, the best product or service does not automatically win the race. A clear positioning and smart story telling is key to success. Mind the gap !

However, especially in IT it is hard to translate technical advantages or service improvements into messages that are widely understood by your customer's decision makers. Making sure that your messages travel unabbreviated down the sales and distribution chain is also difficult. Getting the right messages and getting them across correctly is the biggest challenge in IT business. Mind the gap !


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Trend Monitoring

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Analyst Relations

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Story Creation

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Press Relations

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Sales Training

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Lead Generation

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