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Analyst Relations

The Importance of Analysts

Analyst relations are an important tool in the marketing and positioning of software and IT services companies. The relatively small group of industry analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, etc. are an important factor in the IT industry.

BeziehungsdreieckDifferent types of analysts have different goals and effects on the market. A successful entry in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for example brings you directly on the tender list of many end-customers. Other analysts might not be as visible in the market through quadrants and hype cycles, but nevertheless directly influence the buying behavior of their clientle through client –analyst inquiries.

In addition, analysts have an indirect effect via the IT trade press. Their importance as an independent source for the press has continuously grown over the last years.

With this direct and indirect impact on your end-customers, analysts are key opinion leaders and influencers for every software and IT services company. You should leave nothing to chance in the relationship management of your analysts. You need to plan precisely and execute efficiently.

Analyst Relations requires very specific expertise and a deep knowledge of the analyst ecosystem. At the same time, the efforts for Analyst Relations for most IT companies are not so extensive, that it makes sense to built that expertise in-house. Analyst Relations is therefore a task where using external resources pays in the short-term.

bloodsugarmagic can assist in this topic with a proven Analyst Relations Program.

  • Our Analyst Relations Program is typically divided into these three steps based on a proven blueprint. It can be tailored in size and goals to meet your individual needs.


    Setup: In the setup phase, we define the goals of the Analyst Relations Program, plan the individual measures and check your story on "analysts suitability".

    Launch: During the launch phase, we select the appropriate analysts, do initial briefings and process the feedback from the analysts.

    Cycle: In the cycle phase, we continuously maintain the relationship with regular re-analysts briefings and a special feedback loop for the analyst. In addition, we monitor the success of the program. 

  • You benefit from our years of experience with Analyst Relations in the IT industry:

    • Deep knowledge of the analysts scene
    • Comprehensive database of more than 2,000 national and international analysts
    • Proven process and continuous maintenance of the relationship analysts at various levels
    • Detailed Analyst profiling and individualized analysis of the influence of the analyst for your topics

    Our broad understanding of marketing and positioning in the IT industry, combined with our strong technology background make us interesting sparring partners for analysts as well as for you.

We look forward to an exciting project with you. Give us a call!


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