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Why is Positioning key?

The IT industry is full of me-too vendors - companies that fail to clearly position themselves and fail to deliver a differentiated and competitive value proposition. If you have too many irons in the fire, you will not have real success. Do you know a top athlete who excels in bobsledding, fencing and pole vault at the same time? Consistently successful software and IT service companies always have a clear positioning in the market and differentiate themselves and their services from the competition. Thus, you not only gain more customers, but also achieve permanently higher margins. Based on your strengths we can help you to develop a stand-alone positioning for your business. You will be much more attractive to your customers and gain substantial advantages in competition. You define the battlefield and the rules for the acquisition of new customers.

We have a proven roadmap for the development of your positioning. Our methods are specially developed for the IT industry. We pursue a holistic approach and use the entire bandwidth of your potential. Based on the positioning we derive a clear differentiation from your competition. These differentiation elements will provide crucial arguments in the discussion with prospects and customers alike.

The Positioning Catalyst Program

Based on years of experience we have developed a proven process methodology - the Positioning Catalyst Program. The goal was a well balanced, complete, and compact approach to developing a self-contained positioning. The Positioning Catalyst Program consists of three steps with well-established work packages, but can also be tailored to your specific needs.


In the first step, briefing & analysis, we lay the foundation of our work together, determine the status quo and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current positioning and story. In the second step, positioning & differentiation, we develop a precise positioning for your business. We place a lot of emphasis on the differentiation to your competitors and develop a suitable story for your business. The third step, implementation and anchoring, is very important to us. We make sure that the new story and positioning is understood by your staff and – if required - also with partners. It needs to be part of daily routine of interacting with prospects and customers alike. Depending on your requirements, we can selectively advice you or support and coach you over the long term.

We look forward to an exciting project with you. Give us a call!


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