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Press Relations

Key in Influencer Relations

Press Relations are one of the most powerful tools in Influencer Relations. Innovative PR concepts can help you to create attention. Good PR requires great content. Often PR campaigns fail to create attention due to a lack of good content. Some PR campaigns try to solve this with huge budgets and do more advertisement that real PR.

Based on your unique positioning we create great news stories that stick. In addition, we use innovative PR techniques such as Newsjacking and Online-PR to create a big buzz with small investments. 


    • Instant visibility in the new market by continuously publishing news releases and articles
    • Introduction to and recognition with key press influencers
    • Early and sustainable positioning of your company as leading expert on your topic
    • Top rankings with Google for your specific keywords
    • Traffic for your website or landing page
    • bloodsugarmagic monitors the media for interesting topics and newsjacking opportunities
    • bloodsugarmagic creates - based on your messages - a steady flow of news releases and topic related content
    • Due to deep IT background of bloodsugarmagic only minimal input from client is required
    • Using the bloodsugarmagic system this content is published to more than 100 press and news websites and is distributed to key press distribution list
    • Each release creates traffic and backlinks to the website or landing page


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