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Across the industry, companies fail to getting their story into the minds of sales personnel and distribution partners. This is the infamous "Last Mile". However, only what ultimately arrives correctly and completely at the customer ensures your success.

Only when the people involved have internalized your story fully and the associated arguments are well known, can they consistently implement the story while addressing customers. Unfortunately, reality shows that the transfer of ideas and arguments is difficult. Often more than half of the story is lost on the way from product management to marketing to sales. 

So in the end, the customer only gets a fraction of what was originally intended as advantages and differentiation. If you invest little in the mediation of your own story down the sales chain, you should not be surprised when the story that arrives at your customers is meaningless and provides little differentiation.

Only a consistent story training for your sales force and channels guarantees the necessary differentiation is communicated to the customers. If your routes to market is through channels, then this transfer must be thoroughly planned: Similar to the technical enablement you provide your channel partner, you should set up sales enablement training that focuses on your positioning, story, key differentiation, and customer benefits.

We know the pitfalls of sales enablement whether its your own sales force or your partner's. We can advise you on the best mix of materials and online/offline trainings. Our methods ensure, that your story and value proposition are anchored in the sales process.


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