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A mark position must be presented vividly. Stories are an essential means to do so. The unique stories we develop with our customers are the essence of the long-term positioning in the market. Stories provide the basis for all other efforts. A good story is coarse enough to not restrict you in the future but also fine-grained enough to stick with the customer.

In order to clearly bring out your positioning we develop compelling illustrations and other forms of representation. We carve out differentiating aspects of your story and eliminate insignificant gluts. Each story must be able to be drawn on the famous napkin with a few strokes. A good representation of your story is so catchy that you will be able to understand it in 60 seconds.

Together with your marketing, we put the content in the required sales slides, white papers, etc. We make sure that the right messages in the necessary depth are part of your marketing pitch. Since we have extensive IT know-how, we can also lend a hand and support you in the delivery of content supporting your story.


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