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Trend Monitoring

Don't miss important market opportunities

Like hardly in any other industry new trends in IT emerge in rapid succession in the market. In the long term these trends either provide an interesting business or disappear quickly back into oblivion. In the struggle of daily business, it is difficult for many software and IT service companies to identify trends and issues important to them. Thus, they miss the chance - even for important trends - to establish themself as an early leader and authority in the market. Their market entry is often delayed until commodization has already begun, competition is intense, and margins are declining. At this stage, these companies can barely compensate their investments in training, product development, and positioning.

This results in a challenge and opportunity at the same time: If you are an early adopter of interesting trends, you can achieve high margins. If you miss an important trend you fail to be economically successful. Of course, this does not hold for every trend out there. Rather, the trick is to make a conscious choice in identifying promising trends that fit your story and vice versa. Authenticity and positioning is the key to success. Thus early identification of suitable and promising trends not only secures the future of your company, but additionally it allows you to increasing your margins. In addition, it 's much easier as an innovative trendsetter to find and attracted excellent employees and business partners.

These should be reason enough, not to leave trend monitoring to chance, but to establish an orderly and efficient process for identifying the relevant trends. bloodsugarmagic can help you to establish such a process, based on proven best practices. We have a history of monitoring trends in the IT industry. We will support you not only in identifying important trend topics, but can also act as a devils advocate. Our combination of deep IT know-how with extensive experience in strategic positioning will provide you with unique insights.

Our consulting services

We offer comprehensive advice on establishing trend monitoring:

  • Definition of a tailored trend monitoring process based on our best- practice templates
  • Development of an individual set of criteria for identifying and assessing potential trends
  • Creating a sourcing catalog for information (tech research, analysts, influencers)
  • Establish the trend monitoring process within your organization - including performance metrics and success controls

Furthermore, we can assist you in the operational day-to-day tasks:

  • Collection of potential trends topics - internally and externally
  • Research on the relevant market research sources
  • Consolidation and prioritization of the identified trend topics
  • Facilitation of decision-making and selection process
  • Support in the preparation of an action plan
  • Coaching in the implementation

Depending on your requirements, we can selectively advice you or support and coach you over the long run.

We look forward to an exciting project with you. Give us a call!


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